Mach2 Single Rack – 2″ Hitch


Carries one bike. 2″ hitch. Can expand up to four bikes with the addition of one to three Add-ons.

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The Quik Rack Mach2 is the highest-quality aluminum hitch bike carrier available. It fits nearly all vehicles, from cars and trucks to camper vans and RVs and is designed to carry eBikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, fat-tire bikes, and kids’ bikes. Foldable and lightweight for easy portability. With the optional Add-On(s), it can carry up to four bikes. Black with QuikrStuff stickers and red, blue, gold, and silver accents. Made in America and field-tested in Western Colorado and Utah’s backcountry. It’s proven to withstand mud, dust, precipitation, and extreme temperatures. Functionality not affected by UV light.

This rack supports up to three Add-Ons to carry 1-4 bikes. The Ramp accessory aids in loading heavy eBikes and can attach to the rack or an Add-On. The Wheel Strap adds additional peace of mind for heavy eBikes. The Wheel Locks provide additional security. The License Plate Kit makes it easy to move your license plate back and forth from your vehicle to the bike rack.


More About This Product

The Mach2 boasts critical improvements over the original Quik Rack:

  • Single bike hitch platform expands from one to four bikes by using the optional Add-Ons
  • Newly designed hitch and trays for increased durability
  • No tools required to install the rack or the Add-Ons
  • Easily accessible trigger bar for tilting the rack
  • Custom one-key anti-theft design with integrated locks
  • Wider and stronger trays hold heavy eBikes and tires up to five inches wide- Fits tire height 12 inches to 29/700c, requiring no tools or adapters to switch between bikes
  • Can carry bikes with a wheelbase of up to 56 inches
  • Increased weight limit of 300 pounds, with a four-bike maximum (depending on bike configurations)
  • All purchased components can be keyed the same, now or in the future.


Weight and Dimensions

  • Product weight 30.7 pounds
  • Shipping weight 35.2 pounds
  • Bike tray is 56 13/32  inches long
  • 28 ½” x 17 ¾” x 7 ¾” folded
  • Shipping dimensions are 31”x19”x9”
  • See this FAQ for all dimensions


  • Rack Type – Hitch 2”
  • Number of Bikes – 1
  • Primary Material – Aluminum
  • Finish Type – Anodized Aluminum
  • Captive Safety Pin – On left side; can be moved to the right
  • Weight Capacities – See FAQ
    • 1 bike – 120 pounds
    • 2 bikes – 240 pounds total
    • 3 bikes – 300 pounds total
    • 4 bikes – 185 pounds total
  • What’s Included – Single bike rack with hitch; two keys (can be keyed to match other purchased components)
  • Imported – No
  • Assembly Required – No
  • Suggested Number of People Required for Assembly/Installation – 1
  • Tools Required – No
  • Product Care – Clean with soap and water; do not lubricate; periodically check bolts and levers
  • Product Warranty – Limited lifetime warranty when used as instructed and with no modifications. Individual parts and instructions for repairs available upon request.

Need more information? See our FAQ and all specs HERE.

Customer Reviews

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John Poltrock
This thing is absolutely badass!

Got it yesterday and out of the box it is spectacular and ready to use that day. I love that it is all together. You better believe its on the back of my truck today less than 18 hours from it arriving. Before I bought this, I borrowed a friends hitch rack from another major manufacturer. I kid you not - I was nervous the entire time my expensive eBike was going to fall off the back. We had a four hour trip and I was looking in the rearview every 60 seconds. This is 1,000x better than the other major known manufacturer. Keep rocking!

Jim Schloffel
Simply Amazing!!!

The best rack on the market, the completely tool-less design and operation of the rack is amazing. I purchased the 2" model and 2 add-ons as well as the wheel locks. Installing the rack and add-on racks is very easy. The locks for the bike attach simply and without worry of contact to the bike that may cause damage or scratches. The wait is worth it!👍👍

Now that’s a real rack

So said my riding buddy after loading up two fat tire e-bikes. I have been hassling bikes and e-bikes on various racks for 20 years and all were clumsy and somewhat stupid to use. In the winter bare hands were required to fasten/unfasten the balky straps, and you were never confident the bikes would stay put.
With the QuikRStuff rack, plop the bike on the troughs, flip up the tire brackets and Done! Really couldn’t be simpler unless the rack came with its own concierge.
But it requires a receiver hitch and 1600 bucks. Considering the average full suspension fat tire e-bike costs around 10 grand, 1.6 k for a rack hurts but doesn’t surprise.

Excellent Rack

I received this rack about 3 months ago and have used it several times transporting my 34lb and 87lb E-bikes. The rack is compact when folded and easily fits into my trunk for storage. It is well made, durable and securely installs on my vehicle in less than 5 minutes. The heavier fat tire bike is easy to load and unload on the rack utilizing the ramp, which can be securely stowed and locked to the rack during transport. During transport the bikes remain very stable and there’s no wobble with the rack. Although pricey, I can’t be happier with my purchase.

John Zuberbuehler
Exceeded All Expectations - truly the best bike rack on the market

I just wanted to share that I am BEYOND IMPRESSED. The engineering and quality of manufacturing has exceeded all expectations. There are so many cool things if you look, but my favorite is how the tilt release mechanism extends to each bike tray added - it's an engineering marvel. I was worried that my Benno Boost e-bike wouldn't fit due to the longer wheelbase, but it fit with room to spare. As a company making products in the USA, thank you for all that you do.

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