Tray Mount License Plate Kit


Easily move your license plate back and forth from your vehicle to the bike rack tray for greater visibility. Tilt the license plate depending on the position of the bike rack.

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When ordered at the same time as a rack, the rack will ship with the license plate kit already attached under the left-hand tray.

Includes all parts to mount your license plate to the bike rack tray and to your FIRST vehicle:

  • License Plate Bracket for the rack
  • License Plate Bracket for your vehicle
  • License Plate Tray Brackets for attaching to underside of the bike tray

If you want to order a License Plate Bracket for another vehicle, click HERE. This is handy if you frequently switch your rack between vehicles.

If you would like additional License Plate Tray Brackets, you can order them HERE. You might need these if yours got lost or you want the option of moving your license plate to a different tray.



Weight and Dimensions

  • Product weight .425 pounds
  • Shipping weight .6 pounds
  • Dimensions 10″x1″x1.5″
  • Shipping dimensions 12”x3”x3”



  • Kit Type – Includes all parts to mount license plate to rack tray and to your FIRST vehicle
  • Primary Material – Aluminum
  • What’s Included – License plate bracket for the rack, license plate bracket for your vehicle, mounting brackets for attaching to underside of the bike tray
  • Assembly Required – Yes
  • Suggested Number of People Required for Assembly/Installation – 1
  • Tools Required – Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Product Care – Clean with soap and water
  • Product Warranty – Limited lifetime warranty when used as instructed and with no modifications. Individual parts and instructions for repairs available upon request.


More About This Product

When the license plate is on the bike rack, this kit allows it to be tilted to work with the rack in the vertical position or carrying position.

Note: There is no need to move the license plate further out with attached Add-Ons or when carrying the ramp accessory. Drivers behind you will be able to see your license plate when it is attached to the first bike rack tray. However, you can order additional Tray Mount Brackets here if you would like.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
James Baker
First bike rack purchase

I spent hours researching different bike racks to determine which would be best for my 87 pound e-bike. I want to be able to use it with a truck or RV. The answer became clear. IMO The Mach 2 is the best rack available. I took my bike to the shop yesterday and the shop owners were very impressed as well. I believe you get what you pay for. After the first few times loading the rack became very easy to use. Simple to remove add ons and stores well in garage. Takes up very little space. Quality and durability is what I expect from this rack. So for so good. I’m looking forward to our 1600 mile journey in a few months because the bikes are coming with us.

Michael Fontenot
Wheel strap

These straps are the best strap product I have ever seen. The ease of use and the quality is fanominal.

Scott Griffin

Ok, the lock is pricy, but you get what you pay for and honestly, you're protecting a very expensive item! Very strong capable of fending off almost any device. You're also paying for the convenience of having the same key unlocking the rack and your bike. Very cool and exactly the style Quikrstuff wants to project. I'm proud to be a member!

Michael Fontenot

This sure makes it easy to move the plate where it is visible for everyone.

Michael Fontenot
Wheel lock

They are so easy to use my wife insists to put them on. She wanted them for extra security and we love them.